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Fertile ground?

The Other Hat has lain fallow for .739 billion months, because:

  • It's been mainly personal and unpublicized.
  • I have been blogging under a psuedenym for a client - I wouldn't have to kill you if I told you, but you'd have to be interested in paying me before I'll tell.
  • I'm redefining TOH's niche - you're not going to come read about my belly-button lint. And I'm not going to blog on the promo products / specialty advertising industry (as below) after all. I just can't work up a lather over that topic.

That's the long and short of it.



You Are Here

Just wanted to let you know that The Other Hat is powered by SquareSpace. Not to be confused with Sponge Bob's four-sided trousers.

I'm no expert, but when I created RedMint Promotions, I built redmint.net the hard way. I used html (an audible gasp is appropriate here).

Years later, when I created a Katie Vorreiter site, I used Yahoo's Site Builder. To be sure, it was a vast improvement, but it was a static page, not a blog.

So, I created a WordPress blog, which lay fallow for a looooong time, 'cause I couldn't figure the dern thing out, and what was a blog, anyway?

When I fired up The Other Hat, I got a temporary TypePad account, but I was overwhelmed by their terminology and choices. Plus, I didn't care for the fact that I had to enter a CC# for a "free" 30 day trial.

I Yahoo'd* "blog tools" and found SquareSpace. Their home page was somehow grounding in my sea of panic. I liked their no-nonsense writing style. I like the truly "free" 30 day trial. I have found it to be fairly intuitive, very rich, pretty flexible and smart, smart, smart.

So, if you are considering hanging your hat on the web, may I suggest SquareSpace?

* Yes, I swim upstream. As a former Yahoo employee, I can't quite bring myself to say or type the G word as a verb.


Red Hot & Minty Fresh

redmintP1.pngOne of my other gigs is owning & running RedMint Promotions, a provider of specialty advertising products.

You know - swag, tchotckies, give-aways, trade-show goodies, logo'd apparel - that kinda stuff. I sorta fell into the industry about 5 years ago.


On the Saving of Daylight

You know, I'm really more of a "Fall Back" kinda gal than a "Spring Forward" type. That's all I'm sayin'.


Getting Started

Man, looking into tools to start a blog was daunting. I looked at Typepad & Wordpress, as well as a few more I can't remember, and dispaired ever getting started, much less creating something that looked the way I envisioned it.

Squarespace rocks. It has a FREE month trial period. (Typepad's is free too, but ya gotta enter cc info). Plus it is much more user friendly, IMO. It explains things more than the others seem to.

Anyway, I'm still finding my way around.

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