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Citizens Police Academy

While this photo is intended to be an anonymous, "any officer" shot, within moments of it's department-wide use, my friend was identified by his peers and started getting flack about it. They're all just jealous.It's free. It's fascinating. It's fun.

It's as close to playing cops n' robbers that this armchair & laptop detective is likely to ever get.

I'm talking about a Citizens Police Academy. Lots of departments offer them. Unfortunately my city, San Jose, doesn't currently because of budget cuts.

But an almost-neighboring city, Fremont, does, and with a buddy on the SWAT team there, I got in. (The crowd goes wild!) I'm honored to be able to participate. That sounds like a cheesy obligatory line in a speech, but realio, trulio I am. The department puts a lot of resources into this program, all to welcome citizens behind the curtain.

We meet 13 times over 8 weeks, including a morning at the shooting range and an optional 4-hour ride-along with a patrol officer.

Basically I'm over the moon. I'm a procedural junkie and a suspense author. So this hits my personal and professional interests, big time.

I'll be posting about each of the presentations. There's stuff I have to keep on the down-low (they know where I live, and can shoot bean-bags at some 250 feet per second).

Questions? Post 'em if ya got 'em.

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