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You Are Here

Just wanted to let you know that The Other Hat is powered by SquareSpace. Not to be confused with Sponge Bob's four-sided trousers.

I'm no expert, but when I created RedMint Promotions, I built redmint.net the hard way. I used html (an audible gasp is appropriate here).

Years later, when I created a Katie Vorreiter site, I used Yahoo's Site Builder. To be sure, it was a vast improvement, but it was a static page, not a blog.

So, I created a WordPress blog, which lay fallow for a looooong time, 'cause I couldn't figure the dern thing out, and what was a blog, anyway?

When I fired up The Other Hat, I got a temporary TypePad account, but I was overwhelmed by their terminology and choices. Plus, I didn't care for the fact that I had to enter a CC# for a "free" 30 day trial.

I Yahoo'd* "blog tools" and found SquareSpace. Their home page was somehow grounding in my sea of panic. I liked their no-nonsense writing style. I like the truly "free" 30 day trial. I have found it to be fairly intuitive, very rich, pretty flexible and smart, smart, smart.

So, if you are considering hanging your hat on the web, may I suggest SquareSpace?

* Yes, I swim upstream. As a former Yahoo employee, I can't quite bring myself to say or type the G word as a verb.

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